10 April 2011

Food Journaling

Lately I've had  a bit of a food obsession. I've been analyzing everything that I eat, how it makes me feel, what its nutritional content (or lack thereof) is, what it is made of, and what I can make from scratch that doesn't involve adding a million ingredients and chemicals that store bought versions might have. This combined with my new love of experimental cooking and a desire to force myself to draw every day has spawned a food sketchbook - an illustrated journal of everything I eat. It's nothing too detailed, these are mostly quick 10 minute sketches.

13 February 2011

a shelf I made as a gift...

30 January 2011

birdie book

This is a sketchbook cover I made as a gift  for a little girl.

a friend for the toothpaste giraffe...

23 January 2011

New Website!

My website is finally up and running! There are still some things I'd like to tweak, but at the moment I'm just excited to have a functioning site. Yay!

 Check it out!

17 January 2011

Tour de Bhakti

This is a poster I did awhile back for the Tour de Bhakti, a bicycle tour through the mountains to a yoga festival! The inspiration for the tour was Hanuman, who is featured doing the Lotus pose on his bicycle...

a whole year?

I can't believe it's been an entire year since I've posted on here. This past year has been a huge transition for me, complete with long periods of being in an art funk. I've somewhat snapped out of it and I'm making it my goal to get back on the blogging track, in hopes of keeping myself art funk free. I started a new sketchbook, I'm working on some new projects, and I decided this was an appropriate time to start updating again.

I've been playing around with combining my looser watercolory stuffs with text and design. Here's one such experiment: